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Maple - Year 5

Welcome to Maple Class 2018-2019

Spring Term 1

Our topic this term is….

Stig of the Dump

What is the story about?

Who are the main characters involved?

Where is the story set?

Who is your favourite character and why?

Who is your least favourite character and why?


We will also be studying…The Stone Age

This is what we would like to find out:

When did the Stone Age start and end?

Which language did they speak?

What did they eat?

What did they wear?

What did they do for entertainment?

How did they survive during this era?

Where did they live?

Why was it called the Stone Age?

What sort of tools did they use?



Our Author for this half term is…Anthony Horowitz

Who is Anthony Horowitz?

When was he born?

Where was he born?

How old was Anthony when he started writing?

When was his first book published?

How many books has he written so far?

What was his favourite book as a child?

Which genre do his books fall under?

What is his top-top for writing?

What else is Anthony famous for?

Have you read any books by Anthony? - Why not dive into a book by Anthony Horowitz this




Welcome to Maple Class 2018-2019

Autumn Term 

Our topic this half term is...

Lion King - West Africa

What do you know about West Africa?

Where do most people live in West Africa?

Compare and contrast life in West Africa to life in England.

Why do most people relocate to the city in West Africa?

How is story time unique in West Africa?

Would you like to visit West Africa? Why?

What have you learnt about West Africa this term?

Author of The Half -Term

Our Author of The Half Term is....



What is her actual name?

When was she born?

When did she start writing books?

Have you read any of her books?

How many books has she written altogether?

What is she famous for?

If you could ask J.K.Rowling a question, what would it be?

Write a review and give it to Mrs Mutingwa and it could be published on our class page. 

Take a look at our book corner....There are lots of books to choose from...


Why not dive into a good book this term?



Key Stage 2 Christmas Concert

Countdown to Christmas

Key Stage 2 Christmas Concert

No room at the inn

Key Stage 2 Christmas Concert


Key Stage 2 Christmas Concert

Three Wise Men

Key Stage 2 Christmas Concert

O Come All Ye Faithful

Key Stage 2 Christmas Concert

Christmas Hit
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