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Beech - Year 1

Hello Beech Class! We are working on your class page at the moment. Come back another day to see if it is ready :)

Welcome to Year 1 


Our topic for this term is 'Eager Explorers'

Have a look at our fantastic topic display!

This term our topic is 'Eager Explorers'. In this fantastic topic we will be going on a journey across the planet and discovering how explorers coped with intense cold, the lack of food and water, and much more. The Eager Explorers topic focus on the experiences of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. It asks the children to discuss what makes a person significant and consolidates their understanding of chronology by comparing the historical periods in which these great explorers lived.



Author of the Term

This term our focus author will be Anthony Browne. We love reading and sharing his stories. Have you read any of his books? Do you have a favourite book? 



In our book corner we have lots of Anthony Browne books for the children to enjoy. Please try and read or share a book with your child each night, it makes such a difference!


Come and explore our fabulous reading area!


KS1 Homework

You will find a homework menu on DB Primary with themes under different subheadings: whole school themes, subject themes and topic themes. You need to choose one theme from each subheading.

Children are to complete one themed piece of homework once a fortnight. This will all be uploaded on DB Primary.


Your child can choose how they want to present their homework it can be a piece of art, writing, a presentation - it's entirely up to them.  Year 1 children are also expected to read daily, practise their sounds/ words/ spelling cards and practise their maths packs.



The children love phonics lessons and really benefit from extra help at home. Please help your child to work on their sound and word cards at home. We will be working towards the Phonics Screening check in June. Attached below is an example of the sort of words your child will be expected to read.

Here you can have a look at some examples and phonics screening guidance :) 


Year 1 Phonic Workshop PowerPoint

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