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SEND and Equality

We are proud to be an inclusive school.


Willowbrook Primary School aims to create an inclusive, caring community where all feel happy, valued and secure whatever their needs and abilities. We have a skilled team of teaching and support staff who between them ensure that every child has opportunities to take part fully in school life and achieve their best.


Our SEND Information Report and SEN school policy can be found below, which will give parents further information about how we support children with Special Educational Needs. Any parent who wishes to discuss their individual child’s needs is encouraged to meet with their child’s teacher, the SENCo, Mrs Youngblood, or the Head Teacher, Mrs Branton (01277 214662).

The Essex local offer provides a wealth of information to parents about Essex's provision for special educational needs and disability. It doesn't just cover education but all aspects of life. Click on the link below to be taken straight through to the website.
                                                   Autism Awareness

Parent Coffee Morning-Making sense of autism

Brilliant - short film

Short film from an autistic boy's perspective about how it's our differences that make each of us brilliant in our own way. #autism #autismacceptance

Amazing Things Happen - by Alexander Amelines

Professional category finalist Alexander's film gives an uplifting introduction to autism for young non-autistic audiences, aiming to raise awareness, understanding and tolerance in future generations.

Amazing Kids - Autistic Spectrum Condition

Listen to children from different backgrounds share their unique experiences of the autistic spectrum in their own words. This project started back in 2017 by asking parents of autistic children to interview their kids and share their answers.

BBC - My Autism and Me

A new BBC Horizon 2014 - Living with Autism is out, for those who are interested.CBBC Newsround - My Autism and MeLICENCE - all rights reserved by BBC, CBBC ...

                                               Literacy Difficulties

See dyslexia differently

This animation seeks to preempt misconceptions among young audiences by shedding light on the real challenges dyslexic children face whilst also acknowledging their strengths and potential.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support

Parenting in a pandemic

Fegans is a charity which offers counselling to children and supports families. They have produced free Top Tips animated parenting videos. You can sign up to receive these free tools and tips through their website. Click here. Below, I have posted their introductory video and also part 1 from their Top Tips.

Parenting In A Pandemic Lockdown Eased

Now that lockdowns are being eased and the government is starting to withdraw support, many parents are still facing incredible uncertainty; will schools reopen? Will jobs be lost? Could the virus return? It is still a time of anxiety for many and loss for some. So Fegans have put together a free animated course of parenting tools and skills to help families navigate these uncertain times.

Parenting In A Pandemic: Child Led Play & Special Time

When life is busy and hectic it can be hard to know how to get kids to do what you want. Children are born with all the brain cells they need but... and this is a big but...they don't have all the neural connections. These develop in the first years of life (oh and things get neurologically complicated at puberty too).
Anyhoo, here is the first in a series of videos to help parents understand how children see the world, and how to help children understand not only what you want them to do but also to want to do it!

Visual Support for home learning

Home work station for parents of autistic pupils in lockdown

How to create a home work station that can be easily put up and packed away for your child's home working during lockdown or indeed generally for homework.

Funded by the Department for Education, the National Oak Academy site provides a number of lessons designed to support children with additional  needs at home. Please click on the image below to be taken through to the site.


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